Volunteers needed for Mid Moon Festival (UTSA Confucious Institute)

Confucius Institute will sponsor a Mid Moon Festival on Friday September 16thWe are in great need for volunteers. 

Volunteer time slot:


  1. Set –up volunteer _ 10  – 15 students, starting from 1:30pm – 5:30pm, if you can’t stay the whole time, just let us know how long you can volunteer. You can come in and do your time share and leave or just stay for the party.
  2. Station volunteer _ 15 students, starting from 5:30pm – 8 pm / 8:30pm.  Station volunteers will  help with our activity stations and food hand out.


This is not a paid job, but all the volunteers will have free food, drinks and MOON CAKE!  So, come out and enjoy a Friday late afternoon mid – moon party!!


Your help is greatly appreciated! 

Contact Information: Ms. Ring / Ms. Kathy Ma at 458-6242 or email us at Feiyi.ring@utsa.edu

Mid Moon Festival
Time: Friday,  September 16th, 2011  6pm – 8pm
Location: Raymond Russell County Park  (20644 IH-10 WEST. SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS 78257) 


Activities: Riddle, Chinese brush painting, word jump, paper cutting, face painting, balloon art, moon bounce, play ground, etc. ect…….


Raffle Ticket: Will be sold on Sunday September 11th at MH building (formerly HSS building) lobby starting from 1pm.


Raffle Ticket Cost: $2 per person per meal ( this is to help us obtain an accurate number of the actual attendance, so we can make better arrangements on food and drink ordering)

Door Prize and First Prize: door prize will be given to children at the end of the party, one first prize will be drawn from the raffle ticket. We will have surprises for the winner!!!

Rewards: additional rewards will be given to children who participated in all the activities

Food and Drink: In combination of Chinese food and American food and MOON CAKE. Your raffle ticket will also serve as your meal ticket, per ticket per meal



纽约中国留学服务中心是中国教育部直属事业单位“中国留学服务中心”于1995年在纽约州正式注册成立的非盈利机构。其宗旨是促进中美教育文化交流,为广 大在美留学人员提供多层次、全方位、高效便捷的各项服务。受驻美国使(领)馆教育处(组)委托,中心目前承担着《留学回国人员证明》办理、《人民日报》 (海外版)订阅等工作,我中心还提供国际学生健康医疗保险计划、学历学位认证、美东地区“汉语桥”比赛与汉语考试等项目。随着中美人文交流的不断发展,纽 约中国留学服务中心正在逐步建立面相留学人员的综合网络服务平台。详细情况请浏览我们网站: www.chinesehighway.com






Rooms for rent 2011 Fall

Three Furnished Rooms in a Large House (I-10 & 1604) (available after September 16, 2011)


Three furnished rooms in a beautiful 3400 sq. ft, 4-bedroom, 3-bath, two-story house will be available for rent after September 16, 2011. The house is located in a safe gated community near NW I-10 & 1604, 10 minutes to Medical Center/5 minutes to USAA & UTSA. There are three bedrooms, two bathrooms and a large game room upstairs. The master bedroom is a spacious bright room with luxurious bath and walk-in closet. The two single bedrooms have a shared bath. The only person lives downstairs in this house is a healthy Chinese female senior. Must be non-smoker and no pets.  Rent options: 1) rent all 3 bedrooms upstairs to a single family ($1,200 + shared utility); and 2) rent 3 bedrooms separately to professional personnel ($650 + shared utility for master bedroom; and $400 + shared utility for a single room with shared bath). If interested, please send an e-mail to blzhou@sibs.ac.cn.





本人家中多余两间卧房可针对在utsa的中国留学生出租, 最好自己有车。基本情况:住房位于utsa附近,距utsa约5分钟车程。两间卧房相对,共用一个卫生间,租赁者可以使用客厅、餐厅、厨房、洗衣房。月房租每间400美元,包水电、煤气、无线上网。有意者请联系:朱先生(210)232-6570zhubingjie@yahoo.com



海选时间:7月 16 日(暂定) 地点:待定



1. 本次大赛设立组委会,全权负责大赛的组织、筹备、宣传和选拔工作,圣城地区组委会成员共7人,组长:赵明,组员:雷楚丽、董峰、孙志泉、朱兵、陈丽娜、倪高霞。
2. 组委会选出专家评审委员3人,评委必须是音乐界专业人士,有相应的学历或工作经验。组委会鼓励符合条件的个人竞选评委。
3. 本次大赛设立男声独唱、女声独唱二个组,男、女声独唱各选拔出3人进入决赛。选出的选手将参加于8月份在Austin举办的2011 Austin/San Antonio双城华人卡拉OK大奖赛,并自动获得今年九月二十三日由华联组织的中秋卡拉OK大奖赛决赛资格。
4. 评委不参加比赛。
5. 选手的伴奏音乐由选手自己准备,可以是伴奏CD,也可以是乐队或个人伴奏。曲目和伴奏CD必须在赛前一个星期提交给组委会试效果。
6. 本次活动为非政治和非宗教性,以娱乐和赞美生活、歌唱美好事物为主题,选手的唱法风格不限,海选只唱一首曲目,但若被选中参加决赛,请准备至少4首曲目,由组委会审查。

联系人:董 峰(dongfaster@gmail.com)、雷楚丽(chuli@sheltonpresort.com)



Internship Opportunity for Chinese Speaker

International Market Research Specialist

UTSA International Trade Center

RowdyJobs #40811

Mandarin Speaker


Are you a student interested in gaining real-world experience in global trade? Do you want to become more involved in the international trade community and be better prepared for tomorrow’s job market? If so, then the Young Global Business Professional Internship Program is just for you.

In 2010, the International Trade Center served over 1,400 professionals, assisted over 360 SMEs with over 5,700 hours of consulting and market research assistance that produced over $181 million in sales, and created and retained over 1,390 jobs.

A large part of this success comes from the International Trade Center Internship Program where student researchers collaborate with consultants in helping SMEs export their goods and services all over the world.

Generally, student researchers work with the International Trade Center consultants in gathering, analyzing and summarizing international market research for small business clients. The Consultant then presents the research to the business clients for use in developing their import/export plans.

The International Trade Center has graduated many student researchers that have parlayed the knowledge and experience that they gained during their internships into a career in international trade. Employers of former International Trade Center interns include Dell, HEB, Banks, UPS, Frost & Sullivan, the International Trade Center, Free Trade Alliance San Antonio and numerous other businesses.

The International Trade Center is looking for graduate or exceptional undergraduate students that are willing to work 19 hours a week and commit for two semesters.

Applicants should be bilingual, detail oriented, adept at solving problems, patient enough to conduct quality market research and willing to work in a fast paced environment.


Candidate must be enrolled in the College of Business. Graduate business students preferred
– Two consecutive semesters commitment
– Fluent in speaking, writing and reading Mandarin
– Able to use Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel
– Students may be eligible for academic credit.
– International Students may be eligible for in-state tuition.


Go to UTSA RowdyJobs to see the job posting#40811 or email resumes to Janette Torres at janette.torres@utsa.edu


For detail information, click here: Internship Program