[Living] Roommate Wanted

I am an incoming female doctoral student at UTSA and am looking for a roommate, preferably a single female, to share a two bedroom/two bathroom apartment at Chase Hill. Each room has its individual bathroom and the carpet is brand new.

The monthly rent is $737.20 after discount and the special move-in discount includes one month and two weeks free. I plan to sign the lease on August 16th. Anybody interested please contact me via:


Or loratu@yahoo.com


3 thoughts on “[Living] Roommate Wanted

  1. 在UTSA Blvd上的一栋两层楼的房子有两间房间要出租,希望是大陆,台湾, 香港,或者是从亚洲来的女同学租用,现有一位女生在住。屋主是中国人。每月租金是US$425, 另加分担的水电网络费用。有兴趣者,请尽快联系蔡先生,电话:(512)965-6448 或者喻小姐,电话:(512)965-8642。


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